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CREIA Main Meeting – January 21, 2020

LandlordMain Monthly Meeting: Landlording Panel Discussion

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Everything you ever wanted to know about Landlording

January’s main meeting on Jan.21st will kick off the New Year with a powerhouse of seasoned investors sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise on a Landlording Panel.  Jorge Cure and Austin Lee will discuss finding and evaluating properties, and Investment Guru Nancy Duggan will talk about finding tenants and best lease practices.

Jorge comes from a family of investors.  His mother, aunt, brother and sister have all been real estate entrepreneurs just as Jorge has for the past 28 years.  Working with several investors, he averages about 10 flips per year and also buys, holds and manages 4 rentals per year for himself.  In addition to that, Jorge and his group, Broadview Buyers, like to work on small developments, such as the one they are working on now, Porter Hill, in Oakley, a 9-home development.  Working in all types of real estate—commercial, residential and multi-family—Jorge’s mission is to make sure that every body is happy at the closing table, and there are many CREIA members who can attest to that.

Austin Lee was born and raised in Bryson City and now makes Waynesville his home.  When he was in High School, his parents bought a mobile home park and gave him one of the units to work on—it was in the back of the park, scary and boarded-up—but he saved up his money from Summer jobs, renovated it, and that became his first rental unit.  After teaching at Swain High School and then obtaining his Masters Degree to teach at Haywood Community College for 12 years, Austin and his wife, Tina, began to do some “live-in” flips.  The first was considered a “tear down” by a developer, so they moved it, renovated it and lived in it for 2 years before selling tax-free: it was then that Austin saw he could make more in a few months of flipping than he could in a year of teaching.

In 2015 Austin became a licensed contractor and left his teaching job to become a full-time investor.  He continues to flip and acquire rentals and improve his units in between flips.  A member of CREIA since around 2006, Austin says with hard work and confidence anyone can do this.  As he would say, “Just get over your fear and do it”.

Those who have heard Nancy discuss Landlording know what a wealth of information she has to share.  No one knows (except Nancy!) how many doors she and her husband, Colin, have acquired over the decades, and no one is better qualified to discuss the topic.  Managing their own properties as well as rehabbing them, Nancy vets and contracts all tenant applications and is versed in every legal aspect of landlording.  Nancy’s advice is to “make your own climate for business, no matter what the times dictate”.

Being around seasoned investors like Nancy, Jorge and Austin who are so willing to share is a big reason why many of us joined CREIA, and continue to find the education and relationship-building more and more valuable over time.

Wishing all of you, A Happy, Heathy and Prosperous Happy New Year! See you at the meeting! 

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