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Online: One Day Wealth Amplifier with George Antone

with... George Antone

Best-selling author & investing strategist George Antone shows you why all the work you're doing & sacrifices you're making haven't gotten you where you thought you'd be by now--and how changing the way you think about finance will fix it, fast.

Saturday, September 23, 2023 10:00 AM - 4:00 AM

Saturday, September 23rd 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Eastern
Online:  One Day Wealth Amplifier
With George Antone, Bestselling Author of The Wealthy Code


How can it be that so many of us get all the real estate knowledge, do all the work, make all the sacrifices, get all the assets, & still have that icky feeling that we aren’t where we should be financially?

It’s NOT because we’re not trying hard enough, or aren’t disciplined enough, or because real estate doesn’t work to build wealth.

It’s because we we’re so focused on the idea of assets, & that somehow owning assets is what makes us wealthy that we completely miss the bigger picture.


Here’s an eye-opener for you:
It’s not owning real estate, or notes, or anything else that actually makes us rich.

It’s making the most effective, efficient use of our capital—whether that’s cash, credit, or equity—that gives us the financial freedom that we all mean when we say “rich.”


We’re so lost in the framework of bricks & mortar & exit strategies & spreadsheets that we can’t even see the bigger framework of inflation (& keeping our dollars growing well ahead of it), & whether we’re deploying our capital in the best (but also not too risky) way.  We can’t see what taxes are doing to our real growth & income, & the very-expensive cost of “Missed Opportunities,” & a dozen other things.

We can’t see how the whole financial system is stacked against the usual “Buy real estate, pay off real estate, live off the cash flow” strategy that it’s almost impossible to make it work, all by itself.

In short, most of us have, at best, an incomplete framework for wealth building.


Introducing YOU to That Complete Wealth-Building Framework Is EXACTLY What this One Day, Online Wealth Amplifier Workshop Is All About.


George Antone cracked the code on melding real estate investing with the bigger financial framework AGES ago.

He’s a successful serial entrepreneur with real estate & note investments as part of his investment strategy.
And he’s great at introducing other real estate investors to the bigger, overall plan for creating rules & metrics that will be the foundation for your investment decisions from now on. 

Attend, & you’ll see:

  • This investment framework itself—you’ll even get a handout that you can print & refer to over & over when trying to choose your next move
  • Timeless wealth principles that top investors inside & outside of real estate use to stack ‘the system’ in their favor, instead of against them
  • How relying on this proven framework to make decisions helps you avoid costly mistakes & wasted time
  • How to stop making investment moves by trial-and-error
  • How to avoid career-threatening risks
  • How to build wealth MUCH faster than the “conventional wisdom” of collecting assets & paying them off will achieve
  • & most importantly, how to (FINALLY!) have rock-solid investment framework as the foundation for your whole investment strategy


Please, Get to This Saturday (or at Least Register & Get the Recording).
Here’s Why:

  1. It’s only $97 for members ($157 for non-members, or you can join HERE for $25 a month & save that extra $60) when you register by September 21st
  2. If you aren’t completely convinced that what you hear is life-changing FOR YOU, just let us know, & we’ll refund that investment cheerfully
  3. Every registrant gets the recording of the workshop, which you’ll definitely want so that you can go over this information again & again
  4. There’s a really super-special bonus that only registrants get. We’re not even allowed to tell you what it is, but let’s just say it will take you EVEN FURTHER than the day itself.


We can’t even TELL you how many already-experienced investors have shared with us that this one day workshop was a major turning point in their success, so we’ll just share ONE:


“When I first attended George’s one-day workshop, I was already a ‘successful’ real estate investor by all the usual measures: I’d been collecting houses & apartment buildings for years, I was well on my way to that goal of paying them off, I had a big net worth, I was very educated & very experienced.
What I couldn’t understand is why I still didn’t feel like I was even close to ‘getting out of the rat race.’
One day with George showed me what I was missing—it’s about looking at a bigger picture that includes everything from leverage to inflation to velocity, that I was just blind to before, & I’m a CPA! 
Now I tell everyone I know who’s seeking real wealth that a day with George should be a REQUIRED piece of a real estate investor’s education, because it was step one in a total life & investment change for me, & it got me in a few years to a place that decades of hard work didn’t.”
- Jerry Fink, Past President, Cincinnati REIA


Do yourself a BIG favor & get to this one-day online workshop—or, if you can’t, register so you can get the recordings (& that secret-for-now surprise-&-delight bonus that only registrants get).


There’s no risk to you, & the value of getting a framework that’s proven, implementable, rational, & will get you to real wealth a lot faster is immeasurable.

Get your virtual seat below!



Early Bird Special Pricing...

Up To 9/21/2023

Members: $97.00 -- Non-Members: $157.00

Regular Price

Members: $127.00 -- Non-Members: $197.00

Date:  Saturday, September 23, 2023
Time:  10:00 AM - 4:00 AM

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